Alpine Enterprises provides integrated engineering, procurement, and construction or program management services for substations and distribution facilities. These services extend to independent substations as well as those associated with new power generation facilities. We have designed or commissioned more than 10 generation, transmission and distribution substations.

We provide design services to a wide variety of electric utilities including municipal, cooperative and investor-owned, as well as independent power producers. Projects range from small facility additions to major 500 kV switchyards and generation interconnect stations.

Skilled and knowledgeable engineers delivering analysis and studies for the complete electrical power systems. Some example studies are: grounding analysis, system protection coordination and relay settings, fault studies, cable ratings, voltage drop, Lightening protection system design, lighting systems etc.

Our main projects are:

Our approach is to provide an integrated and structured solution to client’s requirements. We identify problem areas and risks in your project and work with you to devise sustainable solutions. Our methodology ensures that the clients always receive the insight needed to make the right decisions and projects are carried out to achieve their intended objectives. At Alpine we develop solutions based on project and client requirements using a cohesive methodology combining engineering, project management, contractual and legal principles and expertise. We use lastest best practices and techniques and provide the highest quality project and contractual support to our clients.

  • Contract No. CH-001; Design, Manufacture, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Plant, Equipment and Associated Civil Works for 220/132 kV New Chishtian Substation & 220 kV Vehari Substation Extension Project (Package-1).
  • Contract No. SHK-001 (Package-I) for 500/220 kV Shikarpur Substation and Allied Transmission Lines Project on Turnkey Basis for Design, Manufacture, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Plant for Upgradation of the Existing 220 kV Shikarpur Substation to 500 kV Level.
  • 220 kV AIS Grid Station at Kassowal Financed by the World Bank for Supply, Construction, Installation, Testing & Commissioning.
  • Partly for Contract No. 3076 (Package-I) for Rahim Yar Khan 500/220/132 kV Substation for Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Plant and Equipment.
  • Partly for 220 kV, 300 MVA Step up Transformer design work for UCH Power Plant in 2005.
  • Contract agreement ADB-2972/HESCO 02, design for three nos. of 132 kV AIS Substation.
  • Contract agreement ADB-Tranche-III-FESCO-01-2013, design for one no. of 132 kV GIS Substation and One no. of 132 KV AIS Grid Station.
  • Contract agreement ADB-Tranche-III-MEPCO-01 (Lot-2), design for one no. of 132 kV AIS Substation.
  • Contract Agreement DASU-TL-01. Design for 132 kV AIS Substation and Allied Transmission Line.
  • Contract Agreement ADB-04-2007, Design for 220 kV GIS Substation, WAPDA Town, Lahore.
  • Design & Engineering work for 132 kV GIS, Benazir Bhutto International Airport, Islamabad.